Social Security Planning

Social Security Planning

Coordinating your Social Security strategy with how and when you tap your other investment accounts can add years to your portfolio longevity.

When to apply for Social Security is one of the most important decisions you may face during your retirement. It is difficult to understand each of the complicated claiming strategies and ever-changing rules that impact Social Security benefits. If you are confused by the overwhelming complexity, YOU'RE NOT ALONE! The Social Security Administration's personnel are prohibited from giving advice, instead all they can do is reiterate numbers from their computer screen. People turn to Cocheco Financial for answers.

We do not speculate, guess, or assume. We use advanced software to analyze and determine the most appropriate strategy for you and your family based on facts. Our recommendations are specific to you, not a generalized idea that appeals to the masses. We can provide a customized, detailed report showing various claiming strategies, different scenarios, and what-if outcomes at different ages.

Luck and hope should not be a part of your plan.
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